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Freedom's Advisement Program

Freedom High School has a strong advisement program designed to support students during their high school experience.Advisement is a required elective and all students are expected to attend daily.

Advisorswork closely with students and parents in an effort to provide strong academic support. In Advisement, students get important exposure to the college and financial aid process, as well as career-related experiences such as job shadowing, internships, the job search, career education, and goal- setting. In Advisement, students are also responsible for putting together a portfolio. Their portfolio will be an important tool that not only reflects their experience at Freedom High School but that also can be used after graduation as they move on to college and careers.

Advisement also workon service projects as a means of both giving back to the community and exposing students to the needs of their community. Some examples of the work being done include:

  • Fundraising for a yearbook
  • Recycling projects
  • Becoming pen pals to servicemen and women
  • Cleaning up around the neighborhood
  • Collecting clothing for the needy
  • Canned food drive
  • Supporting our community garden

These projects enable students to take an active role in their community by giving back and learning about the needs of their community.

Advisors play an active role in supporting students at Freedom High School. Advisorshelp students keep track of data related to attendance, points and credits earned. The advisor is also the contact person for parents should they have any questions about their child’s progress.

Advisement is essential to student success at Freedom High school.