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a brass bell run by graduates only sits on a table on stage on a blue FHS 
banner with tree logo
graduates listen closely to inspiring speech from their fellow graduate
Graduates Jordan Smith, Diego Russell, and Felicia Romero listen closely to their fellow graduate share his story. (photo reflected for layout)

Graduation 2022

graduating seniors stand in a group following the ceremony
Donna Begay, Jose Palomares, Bianca Alexander, Aaron Henderson, Jordan Smith, Raymond Olguin, Felicia Romero, Diego Russell participated in the commencement exercises of 2021-2022. Some Seniors graduating but not pictured include Fenix Hillmeyer, Kristian Medina, and Damian Marquez
graduates participate in tradition of throwing mortar boards in the air after 
excited Senior students line up for commencement procession
The 2022 Commencement exercises were help indoors at the Berna Facio Professional Center. Excited Seniors are lining up in the hall in from of an elementary school art exhibit to process into the auditorium for their final recognition. 
male student, gives speech at the podium with a microphone. He wears 
traditional cap and gown
Aaron Henderson presents his commencement address to the Class of 2022 and shares some life changing moments from high school that shaped his journey toward graduation day. Aaron was a member of BSU, Black Student Union, and the recipient of the Keith A. Waggoner Scholarship. Aaron earned over a 4.0 while at FHS.