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Through personalized graduation plans and individualized pacing based on content mastery that stresses high academic standards, students are driven to meet and exceed State and District requirements for graduation and beyond.

Freedom High School uses school wide AVID strategies to support School to Career goals. Through a well-established Academic Advisory Program, and innovative dual grading system, Freedom High School offers students a non-traditional approach to education that is nurturing and empowers students to grow in all aspects of their lives. Personalized graduation plans and individualized pacing based on Content Proficiency that stresses high academic standards are used to support students who are driven to meet or exceed State and District requirements for graduation.

Freedom High School stresses the development of positive and productive relationships in an atmosphere of respect and acceptance that celebrates cultural diversity, creativity and personal growth. . The school supports a collaborative and engaging environment where the entire community is physically and emotionally safe and challenges are met with caring and kindness.          ·               ·

Administrator Responsibilities:

Through participating in professional development and staying abreast of current laws, policy and procedures, the school Administrator will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring compliance with Public Education Department (PED) and Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) policies and procedures.
  • Ensuring that the school ls a safe place for students and teachers to work and learn.

Counselor's Responsibilities:

Through participating in professional development and staying abreast of current laws, policy and procedures, the school counselor will be responsible for:

  • Monitor Graduation Requirements
  • Advise on post-secondary educational opportunities
  • Respond to parent/students' needs

Attendance Support Social Worker Responsibilities:

Assigned Attendance Support Social Worker will implement and facilitate the schools’ functions, and the 4 Tiered Approach to School Attendance.


Teacher Responsibilities:

By participating in collaboration meetings, professional development and continuous improvement strategies, the teacher will: 

  • Each staff member accepts responsibility for creating challenging and intellectually stimulating academics, while maintaining a balanced and individualized approach to teaching. 
  • Meet Common Core State Standards in their Core Content area, as well as, NGSS in Science 
  • Follow PED and APS policies and procedures 
  • Communicate with parents regularly through: 
    • Weekly grade reposts posted on ParentVue and StudentVue
    • Six-Week Evaluation Conferences (Student-Led Conferences) 
    • Response to parent calls/questions

Student Responsibilities:

With the support of teachers and parents, students are expected to progress through school and earn a high school diploma.

  • Each student will participate in the AVID/ACE elective. See AVID Contract 
  • Each student accepts responsibility, not only for his or her actions, but also for personal and intellectual growth. 
  • Students are expected to treat each other with care and consideration. 
  • Student progress is tracked through the number of points he/she earns during a grading period. Students are expected to earn an average of one (1) point per week in order to stay on track with comprehensive graduation requirements. Points are earned by completing assignments with a minimum of 70%proficiency. Students have the option to work at their personal ability rates. 
  • Students must be physically present in order to earn points. 
  • Monitoring weekly progress reports through StudentVue. Inquiries are welcome.

Parent Responsibilities:

Parents are partners with the school and an essential to their individual students' success. Parent involvement in their son or daughter's education at Freedom High School is imperative. Their Involvement with the school commences at the initial interview and continues through:

  • Work with staff to insure that your student attends classes. 
  • Attending six weeks evaluations (Student Led Conferences). 
  • Conferring with their student’s advisor, individual teachers, the counselor, and principal regarding concerns and celebrations. 
  • Notifying the school each day that the student will be absent. 
  • Monitoring weekly progress reports through ParentVue. Phone calls and inquiries are welcome.

Parent Volunteers:

Parents and Guardians are invited to volunteer at Freedom and can do so on a regular basis or for a specific short-term purpose such as giving a presentation in their area of expertise. Parents are encouraged to volunteer to help with School to Career presentations, standardized testing, grant writing and supervising field trips. We welcome and appreciate the support of our parent community.

Revised March 13, 2022 for the 2022-2023 school year.