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About Freedom

Parents and students interested in learning more about Freedom should visit Our Program page or click here for a detailed description of our academic programs and offerings.

Interested in Enrolling Your Child?

  • We encourage you to enroll as soon as possible; when we are full, we will start a waiting list. Please call us at (505) 884-6012 to begin the enrollment process.

  • If you would like more detailed information, please visit our Registration page.

We Invite You to Instructional Council

Freedom High School staff, students and parents meet monthly to discuss needs of the school. These needs may include:

  • budget
  • schedules
  • planning events for the community
  • Curriculum
  • Program planning

We encourage all parents to participate in these discussions. If you are interested in playing a huge role in the school decision-making process that drives the success of our school, please contact the principal or inform a staff member.

For more information, please visit our Instructional Council page.

APS: Families Connected

Parent/Guardian Participation Accelerates Student Success

Welcome to Freedom High School! We are delighted that you have elected to research our program. At Freedom High, the student is assigned an advisor who will oversee his/her educational journey. Administration, advisors, counselors, teachers, and parents all become important parts of a team that works together to ensure student success.

There are two areas in which it is vitally important for parents to participate: Student Progress Evaluations (Student Led Parent Conferences) and Student Staffing. Evaluations are held every grading period and Student Staffing are held as needed. Student achievement can be directly linked to parent involvement in these activities.

Freedom’s Mission Statement asks that we all take an active part in helping students achieve academic success. Being such a small environment, there is a great deal of communication that takes place to recognize students’ successes, but also to recognize additional support that each student may need. Should the student begin to falter, there are a number of supports that the school offers through differentiated instruction and our team of counseling and health professionals. If a student is taking responsibility for their education, they may be placed on a contract (excessive tardiness, absences, not attending classes, become disruptive, not working to meet the course content standards, etc.). The consequence of breaking a contract is often a Student Staffing where we can seek solutions and evaluate student commitment to graduation or attending Freedom High.

Staffing are a student support intervention designed to redirect students to becoming more successful in their educational journey. Staffing will most often take place on Friday afternoons. The administration, counselors, teachers, and advisors set aside this time to meet with your student and you, should the need arise. The staffing is very important; it brings the student’s full support team together to address the needs of a particular student and create a plan to support the student’s achievement. There is no one that is more effective in supporting students than their parents and guardians. Parents are an integral part of the staffing, both as resources in creating the plan for the student and so they can have a clear idea what is happening at school.

Parents and students are asked to sign a commitment letter upon enrollment that reads very similarly to this document. The student advisor will contact parents as early as possible to schedule evaluation meetings and staffing (should the need arise) so that arrangements can be made in an accommodating fashion. As part of the team, parents may also call the advisor to arrange a staffing if they believe there is something we need to address. Parents may also contact the Principal whenever they would like to do so.

Our staff thanks parents for their willingness to take this journey with us to see their students makes it to graduation. There is no greater gift that a person can give their child than education.