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Front Office


Contact Esther Keeton  Esther Keeton (505) 884-6012 ex: 46502 Principal

Dean of Students

Contact Gia Gilk  Gia Gilk (505) 884-6012 ex: 46515 Teacher


Contact J. Mychele Cordero  J. Mychele Cordero (505) 884-6012 ex: 46506 Counselor


Contact Sylvia Martin  Sylvia Martin (505) 884-6012 ex: 46501 Secretary


Contact Sally Wehling  Sally Wehling (505) 884-6012 ex: 46505 Registrar

Attendance Clerk/Parent Liaison

Contact Anita Montano  Anita Montano (505) 884-6012 ex: 46500 Attendance Clerk/Parent Liaison

Attendance Social Worker

Contact Janette DeJesus  Janette DeJesus Social Worker