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Student Government

Students at Freedom can become involved in the workings of the school in a number of ways.

  • Students can represent their Advisory by joining the Principal's Advisory Committee (PAC).
  • Students are also always welcome to attend the Instructional Council meetings that are scheduled after school. Visit the Instructional Council page for more information.

Principal’s Advisory Committee (PAC)

About Us

The Principal’s Advisory Committee (PAC) is a school organization created to lend a representative voice to Freedom High School’s student body. Two students from each advisory are elected or volunteer to be representatives, a senior and an underclassman.

The purpose of the organization is to discuss opportunities and concerns related to Freedom High School. Through representative voice, recommendations and activities are discussed and voted on by members of the group. The PAC is responsible for organizing school wide activities such as Fall Festival, Prom, and the Graduation Ceremony, as well as smaller activities to support a positive school atmosphere.

Join Us

  • When: Intermittently during Advisory class periods throughout the school year

Contact Information

Esther Keeton

Phone: (505) 884-6012, ext. 46502